This Adam and Eve myth
Is very appealing.
They had everything and lost it.Everyman and the Mother of all the living,
Telling us that the ancestors believed
We were made for better things.

…and that we have some tragic flaws.

One of the flaws seems to be that we
Keep thinking God needs victims
In order to give us what we need.

An angel told Father Abraham
That God provides another victim
For our blood thirst, a ram.

In John’s vision on Patmos
We learn of the Lamb
Who was and is that victim.

Animus met anima
Blood-lust must be tempered
With trust in the purposes of things.

So the fathers and mothers came to
Believe the Church to be a
New mother, a new Eve,

“Clothed with the sun,
Standing on the moon,
Crowned with twelve stars.”

She is the Mother of God,
Our mother, she tells us how to find
The Eden for which we were born.

We must get our animus and anima
To act together,
Wisdom and knowledge both.

The boy and girl in each of us
Seek Wisdom while pursuing truth.
Learning and Teaching to unite our parts.

The Body of Christ with
The Spirit of Christ.
The humanity of Church with the divinity of God.

Does the “veiled wisdom” of the Old Covenant
Find fulfillment in theology and magisterium
Pondering all the mysteries of the New Covenant?

No matter what, Jesus
Is, was, and will be forever,
A Buddha, a Krishna, a Christ,

Our new Mother of All the Living
Will, tired at the end of her day,
Return to her Son, the new Adam …

… with all her children.
He will then become
Father to us all.

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