The landscape works may seem really secular in comparison with my other works. Some, of course, are quite that; but there is also a thread of contemplation that permeates this group. Often when we have a kind of spiritual awakening, we want to commemorate the event. I have done this with many of these “landscapes.” A place where I was touched by God through nature or where I had a sense of communion with creation, these images are my own testimony to those experiences. Sometimes, they are even political like the one about the NAFTA Treaty, or the one about Mother Russia remembering her past even in the midst of Communist Red Square. Many of these are quite large (4′-4′ is a common size; many are quite a bit larger. The multiples (single canvases, diptychs, triptychs) which seem to be of repetitive size are composed of 24″-36″ canvases.

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